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Glass of Milk

Nick Bubb has represented Fauna & Flora International (FFI) since 2012 and has headed up their Business Development team since 2014.


FFI is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation, working across 41 countries around the world, with over 100 major projects. Nick's work has seen him help to grow FFI's global programme, promote the importance and visibility of their work -protecting many of the world’s most critically endangered species and habitats- and generate support at all levels from governments, to corporations, foundations, national lotteries, family offices and private individuals. 

A big part of Nick’s role has also been leading expeditions to see the projects and helping donors to really understand the challenges and the approaches taken, which are very much science lead, with a huge effort to ensure detailed monitoring and evaluation of the programmes. 

Since their inception in 1903, FFI have led pioneering interventions, including aiding the establishment of Kruger National Park in 1926 and have seeded the development of numerous other organisations – including WWF and IUCN.


Amongst many internationally respected figures in the worlds of conservation, business and politics, Sir David Attenborough has been a member for over 60 years and  a vice-president for the last 30. HRH the Duke of Cambridge, has recently become Patron of FFI and is actively involved with the organisation.  


FFI responds to locally-identified priorities and champions locally led conservation. This means activity is relevant, timely, has local support, is effective and endures for the long-term.

Amongst a broad global programme, specific areas of focus include the illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, sustainable agriculture, illegal fishing practices, plastic pollution and climate change.  

Increasingly, FFI's work encompasses community development, education and sustainable financing initiatives too, which all contribute to long lasting and successful environmental protection.

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